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    I developed an app and hope it will help you sharing your images!

    Tiny Image is a free and easy to use app to scale one or more images down before you share them via email, social media or instant messenger.
    Camera images typically have a file size of a few megabytes. Therefore, sharing one or more images will take some time, depending on your mobile data connection.
    You can use Tiny Image to scale one or more images down before sending them via mobile data connection. This reduces the time needed for sending your images and reduces your data traffic.
    Using Tiny Image is very simple:
    1. Open Tiny Image and enter the size of output images. Default is 50%.
    2. Use your favourite gallery app and select the images you want to share.
    3. Click on Android share icon and select Tiny Image.
    4. Only a few seconds and your images will be ready for sharing.
    5. Choose desired app from prompted list to share your images.

    10-28-2013 05:04 PM

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