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    oneSafe is a super-secure password management app that lets you store all your confidential information in one place with complete security. With its stylish design, adaptable templates and intuitive user interface, the app is a breeze to use on your device putting all your personal information at your fingertips whenever and wherever you may happen to need it.

    It provides you ready made templates so you can quickly enter your username/passwords, banking information, IDs etc.
    You can even save your private photos and videos in the app.

    oneSafe on Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....onesafe&hl=en

    Safe storage for:
    • Credit card numbers
    • PINs and entry codes
    • Social security numbers
    • Bank accounts
    • Tax details
    • Usernames and passwords
    • Photos, Videos and Documents

    [APP][4.0+] oneSafe | Password Manager App-unnamed-81.png [APP][4.0+] oneSafe | Password Manager App-unnamed-9-1.png
    [APP][4.0+] oneSafe | Password Manager App-screenshot_2013-11-06-10-28-08.png

    oneSafe App Trailer Video

    Get oneSafe on the Google Play Store - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....onesafe&hl=en
    12-09-2013 10:31 PM
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    Interesting idea. Hope it does well in Play.
    12-09-2013 10:42 PM

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