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    Hello guys...just finished making an app for Android phones/devices using google's new app inventor software...I was looking for some HeroScape apps in the android market and to my surprise didn't find any at all...I was also at the same time getting annoyed by my dice always rolling off the table and getting lost...so I figured I'd put my "App Inventor" beta to good use...haha...was gonna try and upload it to android market but that feature is not built in to app inventor yet so...I decided to share it with you guys first...hopefully in the future I will be able to add it in the official app store...anyway...here ya go...

    It should be able to simulate rolling up to 99 dice for each (which is more than enough IMHO)... Actually the only reason I say up to 99 dice is because I have set the display text on each dice face to only output 2 digit numbers because I'm using a big font size...So it could roll an unlimited number of combat dice but only the first 2 digits would display...

    Also thanks goes out to: Deadmaxx for his HeroScape dice logo's & AliasQTip for his HeroScape blue hex wallpaper

    Click this link for ---> *Installation Instructions*


    The app functions the same as rolling your real dice...so you have the same chance of rolling a skull, sheild, or blank as if you rolled 1 heroscape dice....(the new combined version)

    In other words for each dice you roll...your chances are as follows:
    skull = 3 out of 6 chance
    shield = 2 out of 6 chance
    blank = 1 out of 6 chance

    It is exactly like rolling the real dice...

    As for the 20 Sided dice roller... when ever you click the roll button it randomly chooses an integer from 1-20 and outputs the chosen number

    So it is exactly like rolling a real 20 sided dice....

    As you can see the top is for rolling Attack Dice & bottom is for rolling Defense... I also added a function for d20 rolling as seen on the screenshot 2

    App inventor won't let you apply custom launcher Icons yet either but I did make one for the app...you can use just about any custom shortcut creator from android market and apply my icon pic... to get the desired effect below...

    Hope you guys enjoy...please post feedback...
    09-13-2010 03:50 PM