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    Alright, this is my first post here... because I was looking for a support forum.
    Before I ask you my problem...

    yes, I'm using google app inventor

    Alright, So i'm attempting to make a sms spammer.
    why? because i'm bored and wanted to check out google's app inventor.
    I know this may seem like a bad idea... but i don't plan on putting it on the market. I'm just "making" it for my own knowledge.

    whenever i press the send button it force closes.

    anyway.. here is what i have so far..

    there is the "code"

    and here's the "app" itself.

    can anyone from this tell me why it's force closing?

    thank you.

    if i take out the foreach and just have

    when sendtexts.click
    set texting1.phonenumber to textbox1.text
    set texting1.message to messagetext.text
    call texting1.sendmessage
    it works fine.


    theres the logcat

    W/ActivityManager(  140):   Force finishing activity com.google.AppInventorPhone
    W/ActivityManager(  140): Activity pause timeout for HistoryRecord{4414a4b8 com.
    D/dalvikvm(11014): GC_FOR_MALLOC freed 9279 objects / 430928 bytes in 80ms
    W/ActivityManager(  140): Activity destroy timeout for HistoryRecord{4414a4b8 co
    I/Process (13421): Sending signal. PID: 13421 SIG: 9
    I/WindowManager(  140): WIN DEATH: Window{44354a78 com.google.AppInventorPhoneAp
    p/com.google.AppInventorPhoneApp.Screen1 paused=false}
    I/ActivityManager(  140): Process com.google.AppInventorPhoneApp (pid 13421) has
    W/InputManagerService(  140): Got RemoteException sending setActive(false) notif
    ication to pid 13421 uid 10131
    09-26-2010 12:10 AM
  2. derik123derik123's Avatar
    Come on now... Bump.././...
    09-30-2010 10:03 PM
  3. Fazulka's Avatar
    I have attached a fixed version for you. The I don't know how to use that foreach block. You were getting the force close because you tried to define a variable from an object. To open the source I sent click "My Projects" then "More Actions" then "Upload Source"
    10-01-2010 09:56 PM
  4. Fazulka's Avatar
    My friend and I made this app a little nicer, added a contact picker and made it look better. You can now use buttons to select the number of texts. I have attached it to this thread. I also changed the icon to a spam can.
    10-03-2010 12:32 AM
  5. derik123derik123's Avatar
    wow! Thank you very much for your help. this is fantastic. I hope to learn alot from this. Though, if you don't mind, could you upload the .zip for your second verison?

    thank you.
    10-03-2010 11:42 PM
  6. Fazulka's Avatar
    Here is the source.
    10-10-2010 10:51 PM