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    AirRadio 1.2.0

    Radio scanners to listen to the talks between the pilots and ground control services.

    Are at the airport and want to know the real cause of flight delays? Live near the airport and you wonder what's going on? Or you always wondered what pilots talk to air traffic controller? Now, with the AirRadio application you will be able to satisfy all interests. AirRadio lets you listen to talks aircraft ground services at airports in the air.
    And want to know the most accurate weather?
    For each airport, the actual weather is transmitted in the format code METAR.
    It is possible to minimize the application and listen in the background.
    Airport list is constantly updated .

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    [NEW] AirRadio-device-2013-11-20-225329.png [NEW] AirRadio-device-2013-11-20-225154.png

    [NEW] AirRadio-device-2013-11-20-225604.png
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