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    App Social has created an amazing app to help with Cyberbullying and profane/vulgar language on Instagram. It's called Censorgram!

    Let me start by saying our app and comapny is trying to execute all avenues to help combat this new epidemic of Cyberbullying that hurts so many people in this online world we live in.

    So my partners and I saw an opportunity to come up with a proprietary process that auto scans and removes content on Instagram. We plan on moving on to all social outlets but the engagement rate and popularity on Instagram is much higher than the other social sites. Therefore more bullying and an ever presence need for censoring.

    The neat thing is that a parent or anyone can log into Censorgram and set up keywords, phrases, hashtags or users to be scanned at certain intervals with the option to delete and or ban the user. There's also a "scan now" feature for immediate deletion/ban. We have also added push and/or email notifications. That way a parent or user can get an email about the content when the app catches something that shouldn't be on their page. These keywords or phrases can be any combination of words!

    Censorgram is available now for Android on the Google Play store. The app is currently .99 but we are currently developing a free version so that all users have the ability to protect themselves!

    If there's any way you can help spread the word maybe we can put a dent in this problem and help generations to come!

    Thanks for your time

    Please check out our social media sites!

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    05-17-2014 05:10 PM

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