Galaxy Note 10 Deal: BOGO at Verizon!
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    Allow me to introduce my app here:
    <<I created my apps mainly based on "C"onvenience and "C"ustomization. that's what my app's name "C" stands for>>

    C Locker 6.0.0v:
    -Customize the Lock Screen you like, Launch the apps you need..quickly..

    C Locker Beta Group::

    =====Features for Free version: =====
    1. Things you can see from the Lock Screen:
    ---3 Profiles: default, music, location
    ---5 types of default widgets: Clock, Weather, Date, Day, Next Alarm
    ---App Widget
    ---Missed calls, New SMS, Gmail notices
    ---Notifications from facebook, gooble+, whatsapp..basically all supported..(Maximum 2 notification apps can be selected for [Free Version])

    2. Things you can customize on the Lock Screen
    ---Preset your own location profile
    ---Security PIN for shortcuts and unlock (one PIN can be set for Free version)
    ---Adding one app Widget
    ---Block statusbar, hide statusbar clock and icons, disable statusbar alerts, hide navigation bar (Root access required)
    ---Full Screen (hide the status bar...)
    ---Lock screen Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper
    ---To show/hide missed calls contact, new sms contents
    ---Own custom icon selection
    ---Screen timeout
    ---Unlock sound, screen off sound
    ---Disabling Default Home Button function, Long press Home Button to launch recent apps
    ---Weather update interval and other settings
    ---And many other customizations
    05-29-2014 02:18 AM
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