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    After a week’s effort of contacting with the content provider, we are excited to announce that the new version of Laputa Book Reader has been released on the market! This update includes two parts: Laputa Book Reader V3.0.4 and Laputa Reader Pro V1.3.2. But we will unpublish the previous version- Laputa Reader V1.3.1. So if you are using Laputa Reader V1.3.1, please uninstall it and try to get Laputa Book Reader V3.0.3.

    Most Improved Points of the new version:

    New content provider- Avaywen- added. At the end of last month, one of our content provider- Blazer- suddenly removed part of their books. After contact with them for several times, we still do not get the satisfactory reply. But we found a new content provider- Avayewn- for you to download more books.
     Recommendation- Now Blazer’s editors will regularly recommend some featured books for you to download. We strive to provide you a more convenient and more powerful book reader.

    Subscription Service- Now Laputa provides RSS content. Just sending us your email when you start your Laputa, then you will get some interesting news.

    Save to SD card- Laputa added the “save to SD card” feature, now you don’t need to worry about the space of your device. If your Android above Froyo, you can move Laputa to your SD card directly.

    Brightness Adjustment- Is it too light for you to read, and cost too much of your battery? Now you can adjust the brightness of the screen display!

    Display Awake Control- Fallen asleep without turning of the screen, and then have to bring a phone without enough energy to your workplace next morning? You can turn off the “Display Awake” now.

    Much more stable- In this version, we also focus on the product stability, we have fixed most part of the bugs that users reported. And if there are still problems, do please mail us (atwillpr@gmail.com)!
    10-19-2010 05:36 AM