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    Hi Everyone!

    We would like to welcome you to Nxtty (The World's First Mobile Based Social Enterprise.)

    Encrypted messaging that delivers in conversation & in detail! Nxtty Crypto Messenger has launched!-account-settings-inside.png

    Nxtty Crypto Messenger goes beyond your typical messaging application - combining encrypted, secured messaging with crypto currency micro transactions & ownership, Nxtty takes us into whole new frontiers.

    The cryptomessenger arrives at a time when the search for new forms of messaging is evident and it has arrived fully equipped with free encrypted and secured messaging, crypto currency micro transactions in the form of tipping & cryptographic ledger based ownership; these are completely new territories for users.

    Encrypted messaging that delivers in conversation & in detail! Nxtty Crypto Messenger has launched!-englishscreenshothome.jpg

    Encrypted messaging that delivers in conversation & in detail! Nxtty Crypto Messenger has launched!-chat.jpg

    Seamlessly switching between two variations of chat, Open & Private, new users have the ability to be completely secure or as open as they want. Private chat provides anonymity, app to app encryption, and automatic & manual message destruction with the ability to manage your contact list by adding and blocking whoever you like.

    These groundbreaking features are captivating and easy to use but are only part of the picture. With Open Chat a user only needs to subscribe to topics they find interesting and they will find other users who have posted updates, high-resolution photos of dreams, ideas, and clever thoughts already waiting. This is where Nxttycoin, the crypto currency of the messenger, is presented to users in the form of Tips. Tipping is a playful tool where users can tip posts they find interesting or be tipped in return if they post great content. All tips are received and stored in each users Nxtty wallet for future use. The Nxtty wallet is the centerpiece of the NXTTYconomy and will connect all parts of the cryptomessenger to the outside world.

    Encrypted messaging that delivers in conversation & in detail! Nxtty Crypto Messenger has launched!-contact.jpg

    The Rise of the Owner/User:
    There is a revolutionary start to the Nxtty cryptomessenger where Nxtty will distribute the majority of itself to users who download and begin to use the app. The first sign-up of 100,000 users will be able to receive 2,500 Nxttycoins to keep and spend within the cryptomessenger. Later on the Nxttycoins will become invaluable as users will be able to convert them to other currencies. The first 100,000 users that receive this tranche will own and represent 25% of the outstanding ownership stake in the social enterprise. They will be able to exercise their will through in app voting on major issues affecting the application. What a dynamic start to the world of crypto messaging that Nxtty is introducing.

    Nxtty is structured to be a whole and full-featured crypto messenger that aims to keep its in-built economy relevant and accessible with the use of Nxttycoin and through the NXTTYconomy, involving various features to connect, share, and use the crypto currency.

    Encrypted messaging that delivers in conversation & in detail! Nxtty Crypto Messenger has launched!-settings.jpg

    Description in the Google Play Store:
    Nxtty crypto messaging with so much to discover. Part of the encrypted messaging service is the ability for users to destroy their messages! Nxtty has an OPEN CHAT feature where you can post images and updates while being able to receive a Nxttycoin tip. Nxttycoin is a crypto currency available inside the app. You can spend the received Nxttycoins however you like!

    Encrypted messaging that delivers in conversation & in detail! Nxtty Crypto Messenger has launched!-callingscreen.jpg


    CRYPTO MESSENGER - All messages are encrypted from app to app, so your messages are safe and secure.

    MESSAGE DESTRUCTION - Automatic & manual message delete options provide you more ways to remove messages

    PRIVACY PROTECTION - Nxtty does not use your phone contact list, phone number or social media connections.

    OPEN CHAT - Chat room style messaging open to anyone where you can post images, comments, links while discussing great topics.

    TIPPING - Send Tips of Nxtty cryptocurrency instead of likes, post great content and get Tipped in the Nxtty cryptocurrency.

    CRYTOCURRENCY: Nxttycoin is a cryptocurrency existing on the NXT cryptocurrency platform:

    Special features:
    Free Anonymous App to App calling within the Nxtty crypto messenger.
    Discover friends in any city.
    Crypto tipping is fun and simple. Just hit the red button on any post that you like.
    Create your own profile and begin posting!

    Follow us on Twitter: cryptomessenger
    Follow us on Facebook: Nxtty

    11-11-2014 02:41 AM
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    Frozen Bubble Crypto Game is coming to Nxtty!

    Crypto gaming is going to become a part of Nxtty soon with Frozen Bubble, one of the most popular games of all time! Smooth and deliriously fun, we are going to let you use your Nxttycoins to enter the giant jackpot and pop your way through every level to become a champion! Ultimate worldwide competitions will take place in the messenger for anyone who is willing and wants to join fun, competitive gaming!

    Encrypted messaging that delivers in conversation & in detail! Nxtty Crypto Messenger has launched!-10540350_754285554657812_3021170895976468578_n.png

    In the Nxtty Survivor Contest the prize will be decided by playing Frozen Bubble puzzle which we are adding to Nxtty in the upcoming major update.

    So the contest to decide who will win the prize of iPhone 6+ & Galaxy Note 4 will be decided by who can beat the most levels before the contest end date. The contestant with the highest level will get to choose either the iPhone 6+ or Note 4. The runner up will get the phone which is not chosen.

    The last day to enter the survivor contest is November 20th. To enter please download Nxtty from the Google playstore and send a friend invite to SURVIVOR.
    11-12-2014 02:37 AM

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