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    It is the responsibility of every Muslim (Both converted Muslims and Muslims by Birth) to read and revise whatever Allah says in the holy book Quran. By reading and reciting the holy Quran, you will be able to bring yourself closer to Allah. This will result in more rewards in both the worlds (This world and the hereafter). The holy book (Quran Pak) is one of the holy books of Allah, hence if we read or recite the Quran, it would mean talking to Allah. The practice of reading, reciting or memorizing the holy book Quran Kareem is very beneficial and fruitful. It will enhance the relationship with Allah and it helps us know what he says. In order to decrease the difficulty level in understanding the holy book, Quran Reading is in a position of offering a new Android mobile Application – Noorani Qaida Arabic Alphabets.

    Noorani Qaida – Quran Teaching App (Android)-noorani-qaida-b0cd74-h900.jpg

    The list given below has the following features;
    1) Nice Designs – In order to make the wording construction easy, like the way in which the construction of the words is done, the joining of the words with colors are provided. The nice design will make the learning process interesting and interactive.
    2) It is for Beginners and Advanced Level Users – The whole Noorani Qaida has been divided in the chapters. In the first chapter, the Arabic alphabets are described. In the next chapter the joint’s construction is discussed. If you or your kid is a middle level user, then you may escape the initial few chapters.
    3) Complete Training Book – Not only the reading of the Quran is important, but also the hearing of it is equally important. This is the only Noorani Qaida that will take care of all aspects of learning.
    4) High Level Goal – There are different chapters in this Noorani Qaida that will be helpful in learning the Quran Pak. If you are ready to learn the Quran, then download from the link given above.

    Noorani Qaida – Quran Teaching App (Android)-noorani-qaida-icon.png

    Noorani Qaida – Quran Teaching App (Android)-1.jpeg

    Noorani Qaida – Quran Teaching App (Android)-2.jpeg
    02-27-2015 05:19 AM
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    Thanks for the link!
    02-27-2015 11:23 AM

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