1. freakxapps's Avatar
    Simple to difficult quiz about Indian Premier League 2015

    Google Play URL - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...reakx.ipl.quiz

    So Indian Premier League 2015 is back with its 8th season and we came up with a cool ipl quiz 2015.

    So its simple to difficult quiz there are plenty of question. Each level has 10 questions and you need make 80% correct answer to cross the level.

    With a quiz feature this app also have a option to learn about ipl seasons.

    In this IPL Quiz you will get questions about 2015 ipl and also about the previous seasons of Indian Premier League.So first think and then press the right answer.

    Do you know everything about IPL ??

    Are you a real fan of IPL ??

    So Let see how you answer these questions...

    Please Comment on gameplay or graphics how you liked it?
    04-02-2015 05:54 AM
  2. mrtn453's Avatar
    Thanks for the link. Since I don't know anything about IPL I cant say much about it but it looks fine.
    Maybe you should consider in changing the string of "Continuing to play" to just "Continue" because the text looks squeezed in the button, but thats only a minor improvement suggestion.
    04-02-2015 07:40 AM

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