1. saban56's Avatar
    The app will overwrite your current location and any third party apps, websites or services will think you are in Paris under the Eifel Tower or in New York, Rome, London or any other places!
    App on Google Play:

    It’s simple and great fun to trick people with. You can use the app to pull a prank on any social networks or show that you’re somewhere else as an excuse. It’s a simple idea with a lot of potential.
    - There is no need to turn the GPS on.
    - This fake location app requires to have play services and maps installed.
    - It works with viber, fb, instagram, whatsapp, twitter, line and …
    - If the app behaves strangely then simply restart the device.
    - Select a location on the map
    - Change GPS location to the selected location
    - Save Locations and simply use them later
    - Change notification text
    - Guideline
    - Widget
    Attached Thumbnails [App][2.3+] Fake GPS Location (Material Design)-sc1.jpg   [App][2.3+] Fake GPS Location (Material Design)-sc2.jpg   [App][2.3+] Fake GPS Location (Material Design)-sc3.jpg  
    06-14-2015 02:39 AM
  2. itguyjax8430's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing.
    06-16-2015 10:32 AM
  3. nona ahri's Avatar
    thank your application , I've been fooled as you said by someone else
    07-01-2015 06:25 AM
  4. legend10's Avatar
    it has a great idea
    I like Your Material Design
    07-01-2015 05:51 PM
  5. 8673589's Avatar
    Really nice and clean look to the app. Are you using a VPN to change the location?
    07-20-2015 11:52 AM
  6. mohiminul49's Avatar
    Can made any location on google

    Sent from my Symphony W68 using Tapatalk
    07-22-2015 12:23 AM
  7. thangdao's Avatar
    08-02-2015 11:36 AM
  8. electroAddict's Avatar
    great idea!
    08-03-2015 02:05 PM
  9. AppSplash's Avatar
    Cool design tho. It's super useful if you want to trick your parents/friends.
    "I am not at bar mom"
    08-24-2015 06:34 AM

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