1. DiscountBookApp's Avatar
    Hi guys, i want to present u my new project, the idea of ​​which came to me about a year ago.

    What is DiscountBook app?
    DiscountBook -first worldwide servise, which accamulate discount cards.

    I have a lot of discount cards, and i used to keep them always with me. Yes , there are a lot of app like Stocard and others.
    But then i think, why we can not share our cards with other users? It's so simple idea, which can help people to save money.

    Discountbook provides:
    - adding your own cards & accamulate discounts
    - using cards of other users in any country in the world
    - evaluating/rating other users cards & find the most relevant cards in the selected country
    - sorted according to rating list of discount cards , which will increase the convenience and speed of finding the right card at times
    - one account for multiply devices.
    - automatic synchronization of cards to your account .Now they will never be lost!

    Here is some screenshots:
    [APP][4.0.3+]DiscountBook - now u have discount in every country of the world-eng1.jpg[APP][4.0.3+]DiscountBook - now u have discount in every country of the world-eng2.jpg[APP][4.0.3+]DiscountBook - now u have discount in every country of the world-eng3.jpg[APP][4.0.3+]DiscountBook - now u have discount in every country of the world-eng4.jpg[APP][4.0.3+]DiscountBook - now u have discount in every country of the world-eng5.jpg

    If u have any ideas or find a mistake in my app, please contact me.
    10-27-2015 07:24 AM
  2. Rafael Soultanov's Avatar
    nice, try iBuildApp app maker with Ebook feature
    01-08-2016 12:18 AM

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