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    Are you tired using battery hog apps? Is it taking too much time to surf between your emails, social networks and all the others? Your favorite apps running laggy and driving you crazy? Do you want to secure all of your networks with just one password? Then WebSocial is here for you!
    WebSocial is a WebView based app that aims to save your valuable time and makes surfing easier than ever.

    The app contains following subjects;
    - Search Engines
    - Social Networking
    - Email Services
    - Entertainment Tab (Video / Music play section)

    -As a difference between WebSocial and the other networking apps, WebSocial is using ViewPager adapter and lets you use all networks at the same time, with just one swipe!
    -You can disable unwanted titles if you do not want to use.
    -Navigate like an original browser using Floating Action Buttons.
    -Secure your app with a password.

    App will run butter smooth on 5.0+ devices. But is compatible with KitKat too. If you're on Lollipop or higher, please update "Android System WebView" to ensure you get the best performance.

    As a university student, I have plenty of time for bug fixes and bringing new features, so PLEASE feel free to ask and want anything.

    Link to app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ster.websocial

    Screenshots: [APP] [FREE] WebSocial - All in One Networking App-screenshot_2016-02-20-23-49-24.jpg [APP] [FREE] WebSocial - All in One Networking App-screenshot_2016-02-20-23-50-54.jpg [APP] [FREE] WebSocial - All in One Networking App-screenshot_2016-02-20-23-51-24.jpg [APP] [FREE] WebSocial - All in One Networking App-screenshot_2016-02-20-23-51-47.jpg [APP] [FREE] WebSocial - All in One Networking App-screenshot_2016-02-23-21-38-52.jpg
    02-23-2016 07:41 PM

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