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    Instant Kijiji alerts to your Android phone when someone posts what you want on Kijiji

    This app checks Kijiji for you and sends you an alert when a new search item has appeared that fits your criteria. This is a better approach than using Kijiji Daily Alerts. Kijiji daily alerts are sent out once a day, or sometimes not at all. By then someone else has already jumped on the deal. For those not in Canada, this app is unlikely to be useful to you. Unless you convince the person listing the item for sale to ship it to you. Plus side is that you'd be able to take advantage of the current weak Canadian dollar.

    For example, I have alerts setup for...
    • 1993 - 2002 Camaros
    • 14" tires
    • Macbooks under $200

    For those who don't know what Kijiji is, it's basically the Canadian craigslist/gumtree. I created this app after being frustrated when everytime I went to buy something, someone sniped it from under me. Having instant Kijiji alerts make my life way easier, saves me from refreshing the page for all the latest deals.

    Blog posts on usage:

    Canadian Classifieds Alerter FAQ:
    Canadian Classifieds Alerter – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Evan Parsons

    Canadian Classifieds Alerter Settings:
    Canadian Classifieds Alerter – How to customize and configure to your liking – Rundown of the app settings | Evan Parsons

    Canadian Classifieds Alerter - Setting up an alert:
    How to get instant alerts from Kijiji - Canadian Classifieds Alerter

    So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some instant Kijiji alerts!

    Got any questions? I'll be around to ask them. Fire away.
    05-16-2016 05:36 PM

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