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    Write • Post your thoughts in the headline you want to talk about.
    Chat • Talk with adnagu who read your post and share this with everyone.
    Discover • Read conversations the others made and discover different thoughts.

    Adnagu is a social platform provides to make conversation about a specific subject you want to talk with everybody else. Adnagu means somebody else. Everbody in this platform calls adnagu. So you will be able to talk about the headline you want with adnagus.

    What can i do here?
    You can write your own thoughts about something and chat with someone interested in. You can also read conversations adnagus shared and send message to them.

    What's headline?
    Headline is a specific subject which contains shared conversations. We divided headlines into various fields of interest. In this way, you can follow headlines you want and talk with adnagus by choosing your interests.

    How can i make conversation?
    Conversations start with a post. You can write post or respond adnagus' posts to talk about the headline you want.

    [APP][FREE] Adnagu - Everybody else's world-device-2016-07-16-101934.png[APP][FREE] Adnagu - Everybody else's world-device-2016-07-16-101947.png

    Adnagu | everybody else's world
    07-26-2016 05:30 AM
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    thanks for sharing
    07-26-2016 09:12 AM

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