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    Hello community ,
    I've recently released my new app Filmsquare and I would really apprece if you could take a look at it.


    It's a new movie app, born to get information from different film portals and to get just the best and show it to the user. It has likes, search, an advanced filter (with similar films, date, genres, actors and much more), different movie views and ratings/reviews from experts and users. It takes information from TheMovieDB, rottentomatoes, IMDB, google and the web.

    Description from the play store:

    Discovering new movies has never been so easy.
    With Filmsquare you can get the best informations, with the use of networks
    like TheMovieDB, IMDB and many more, to give you just the BEST of each one:
    Reviews, trailers, Wiki, Cast, Ratings, Genres, Filters, Dates and High quality image

    [FREE-APP] Filmsquare-234694d1470936651t-app-filmsquare-beta-banner.png
    [FREE-APP] Filmsquare-2.jpg

    Thank you!
    08-13-2016 06:40 AM

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