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    There are flashes flashing for incoming calls.
    The app allows you to set and monitor the current settings of incoming calls on your phone while driving in the office and around the city by positioning and installation of previously saved for this site incoming call settings (flash flashing, the volume, the phone vibration).
    The application determines the location of the smartphone by the presence of nearby Wi-Fi, instead of using a GPS network. This prevents battery discharge.
    If the positioning and adjustment of incoming calls, you will appear in the same place, the appropriate settings are set automatically.

    You forgot to turn off the ringer volume at a meeting or during a university lecture? Now you do not need to constantly enter their call handling settings, when you are going to visit such a meeting. The smartphone will automatically detect your location and set up incoming calls.

    Autotune incoming calls-a1.pngAutotune incoming calls-a2.pngAutotune incoming calls-a3.pngAutotune incoming calls-a4.png

    10-08-2016 01:57 PM

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