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    Do you want to convert your mobile in to best hair clipper?
    Hahaha its look funny.. Our best hair clippers for men will convert your mobile phone in hair clipper. But this hair clippers will not cut hair, it will just shock your friends.

    To shock / Surprise your frinds:
    • Bring some hairs from barber shop
    • Then hold that hairs in your hand
    • Now after downloading the best hair clippers app, open the app
    • Bring your mobile near to your frind's neck and click the start button
    • Touch your mobile with his head and hair clipper noise and vibration will give him real effect
    • He/She will turn back and will see towards you.
    • Show him/her the hairs in your hands
    • And run away

    Hair Clipper Razor Prank[Free Android App]-splash.png

    It sounds really funny.. You can easily make surprise your friends, or at home...
    So lets try it freely.

    Hair Clipper Razor Prank[Free Android App]-114.png

    For free download
    Hair Clipper Razor Prank

    Kindly give your good review and best suggestion after downloading and watching the prank and funny app. Thanks
    01-03-2017 07:29 AM

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