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    Hello everyone at Android Central!

    I would like to know if any of you all out there would like to develop an app for us! Me and my friend has started The Pygmy Club back in August 2010 and now it is 2011 and we need an app for our upcoming blog and our YouTube videos people can view on the app and also view our Twitter in the app too to see our tweets on Twitter. The first one who will respond to this thread will get the job! But no pay yet, when we find the money off our app, we will give some of it to you. Also, your name will be mentioned in the app credits!! So, remember that first responds to this forum gets the job and actually I forgot to mention that we can hire two people to develop the app! Same rule on second job (kind of) second one who responds gets the job! We will PM the details of the app and our stuff we want in the app (basiclly the design). So, let the responding begin!
    By the way, when we find the money, you (the developer) will get 10% of the share when we find the money.

    President of The Pygmy Club
    04-20-2011 07:02 AM