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    Intertwined is a new vision of social media. in Intertwined we believe that everybody has the chance to get famous. Your profil in Intertwined is an album of photos and selfies, playlist of music and number of wows. Wows in Intertwined means votes, when someone likes your profil can hit the wow button, follow you, post comments and even send you a friend request.

    Intertwined breaks the habit by integrating a new feature that allows people to compete in selfie contests. Are you considered beautiful or handsome among your friends? Do you want to find out how you do compare to the rest of the world? Or are you just confused in which of your pictures or selfies do you look hot? Don’t be shy, with intertwined it’s time for you to shine by posting your best selfies and hot pictures. You are free to create your own contest and choose among challengers that are deemed being as hot, pretty, beautiful or handsome as you are by Intertwined community.

    You just sign up for once using your Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, or your phone number. Upload your hot selfies, pictures and your favorite music. Invite and get invited by the hot and coolest people into selfie competitions and see if you can win. Winning is based on the number of wows that can get each competitor.

    Intertwined breaks the routing by allowing users to upload their favorite music into their own playlist and have it shared with Intertwined community. So user enjoy browsing while listening to hot music.
    We’re not done here, we didn’t forget about messenger. You can have private or group chatting with all users worldwide.

    So messenger, music, compete ,wow and become famous.

    Get Ready to be Interwined

    Here is the link to the download page : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...acemania&hl=en
    09-16-2017 12:38 PM

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