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    Google Play Store: Moviebase

    Discover, find and manage your movies, TV shows and actors

    • Connect to TMDb and Trakt
    • Search your films, series and actors
    • Discover movie and TV content by genres and year
    • Explore categories: Now Playing, Trends, Upcoming, Box Office, Anticipated, Popular, Top Rated, On TV, Airing Today
    • Open your movies and TV shows in TMDb, IMDb, Trakt, Simkl, Amazon and Google
    • Follow your beloved stars on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TMDb and IMDb
    • Read ratings and reviews by TMDb, IMDb, Trakt and Simkl
    • Rate your movies and TV shows you have seen
    • Have access to a gallery of poster and backdrops
    • Watch the latest trailers
    • Additional information such as genres, cast, release dates, original language and title, credits and production companies
    • Add movies and TV shows to your favorite collection and Watchlist
    • Use your lists offline
    • The content is supported in several languages and countries.
    • All translations are used by TMDb.
    • If a single translation is not available, English will be used as fallback.
    • Get personal recommendations based on your taste
    Attached Thumbnails Moviebase - Movies & TV shows  (Alternative to IMDB)-2cwwmcw.png   Moviebase - Movies & TV shows  (Alternative to IMDB)-30cnaf9.png   Moviebase - Movies & TV shows  (Alternative to IMDB)-246tf1f.png   Moviebase - Movies & TV shows  (Alternative to IMDB)-29z972h.png  
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    10-09-2017 10:58 AM
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    New version is released!

    What's new?
    - Comments of the community
    - Community Lists: Marvel Universe, DC Comics, 2017 Oscar Nominations and more
    - Fullscreen posters from actors
    - Google+ Community
    - Bugfixing & UI improvements
    10-13-2017 04:00 PM
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    New version 0.3.6 is released!

    • Save and share posters and backdrops
    • Sort your created lists
    • Sort movies and TV shows
    • Additional discover configuration
    • Bugfixing and usability improvement
    11-12-2017 12:32 PM
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    - Home site with your categories
    - List with all Netflix Originals and recommendations
    - Lists of the community such as Marvel Universe, Disney Classic, Good Sci-Fi Flicks
    - Popular Genres
    - Define sort order in seasons and episodes
    - Choose your first page
    - People with death day and correct age calculation
    - Fixing login problem for Android 6 and lower
    - General bug fixing and interface improvements
    01-10-2018 04:29 AM
  5. Orduxan's Avatar
    It looks like handy application. Thanks for sharing
    02-01-2018 08:25 PM

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