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    Rotate your device to start an amazing virtual trip on map around the world.

    With MapWalker, you can traverse the whole world in your hands and create your own travel maps.

    You can also plan your travel path for your travel plans.


    • Simulated Travel: Pick a start place and rotate your device to start a virtual trip on map.
    • Save and Share Travel Path.
    • Travel Path Replay: You can see the movement of the saved travel path on map.
    • Travel Path Edit: To create your own landmarks on the saved travel path.
    • Export and import travel paths via Dropbox.

    With MapWalker, you can enjoy traveling anytime, anywhere.

    [APP]Simulated Travel Planner - MapWalker-1.jpg[APP]Simulated Travel Planner - MapWalker-2.jpg[APP]Simulated Travel Planner - MapWalker-3.jpg[APP]Simulated Travel Planner - MapWalker-4.jpg[APP]Simulated Travel Planner - MapWalker-5.jpg[APP]Simulated Travel Planner - MapWalker-6.jpg
    10-26-2017 08:41 PM

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