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    Dear Android Central community,

    I'd like to introduce my app "Learn 4 Fun"!

    Learn 4 Fun works like a screen lock. Before accessing the apps or games on the phone or tablet, your kids have to solve some math exercises first and are rewarded with play time.

    Once time is up, access will be locked and the exercise screen appears again.

    Learn 4 Fun is not a kids mode! Access to apps and internet is not restricted.

    Learn 4 Fun on Google Play

    Selectable mathematical operations:
    ★ Addition
    ★ Subtraction
    ★ Multiplication
    ★ Division
    ★ Unit conversions
    ★ Number patterns

    Advanced features:
    ★ Stats
    ★ Phone is always accessible (e.g. for emergency calls)
    ★ Password protected parents settings
    ★ Incorrectly solved exercises are repeated more often
    ★ Adjustable number range for additions and subtractions
    ★ Select specific series for multiplications and division
    ★ Adjustable play time reward
    ★ Adjustable maximum play time

    Unit conversions:
    ★ Length
    ★ Mass (weight)
    ★ Liquids
    ★ Imperial or metric units

    Google Play Games (optional):
    ★ Unlock Achievments
    ★ Leaderboards for every category

    In order to work properly, Learn 4 Fun needs to check if another app is currently running
    in foreground. On devices running Android 5.0+, this feature requires usage access.

    [APP] Learn 4 Fun - Math Exercises-screener_1509703367801.jpg [APP] Learn 4 Fun - Math Exercises-screenshot_2017-11-11-21-25-46-386_com.cpu82.learn4fun.jpg
    [APP] Learn 4 Fun - Math Exercises-screenshot_2017-11-11-21-26-14-451_com.cpu82.learn4fun.jpg [APP] Learn 4 Fun - Math Exercises-screenshot_2017-11-03-10-45-57-326_com.cpu82.learn4fun.jpg
    [APP] Learn 4 Fun - Math Exercises-screenshot_2017-11-17-21-31-03-444_com.cpu82.learn4fun.jpg
    01-03-2018 02:44 AM

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