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    I am a doctoral student in a clinicl psycholgy program, and I am planning to use Google App Inventor to create an application for clinicians to use with their clients. The app will collect various kinds of user entered data and notes from the client throughout the week, and store the data in a data base which can be accessed/reviewed by the clinician.

    If I were the only clinician using this app for only my clients, I could simply use a TinyWebDB to store all the data, or customize the app for each client so that each would store to a unique WebDB I have created specifically for that individual. The problem is that I would ultimately like to make this app available on the market (either through the work around for adding an AI app to the market, or whenever Google implements that option) and Im hoping to find a way for consumers to use these functions without my involvement.

    Im assuming its not possible for the clinician to have access to the clients data if it is stored only on the regular tinyDB (as opposed to TinyWebDB) on the clients phone. From what I know so far (I have spent every spare minute over the past month learning AI) it seems that I would need to build something into the program that would allow users to either create, initialize and use their own private WebDB, or make use of a massive pre-established WebDB that I would need to manage. If this app is to have any success, making this setup process as simple as possible is crucial.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you could offer on accomplishing this task, as well as hearing about any errors you may see in my logic/understanding. Thanks, RyanLee
    05-29-2011 01:08 PM