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    Scrabboard Solver is an application that finds the best solution of an actual Scrabble board from a camera image or a screenshot of your scrabble application (tested with classic words plus, ea scrabble, words with friends 2 and words with friends messenger).


    ★ Use official scrabble dictionaries.
    ★ Get all words. No solution will be hidden from you.
    ★ Help you by giving you some hints.
    ★ Different kinds of scrabble boards are managed.
    ★ Nice and ergonomic interface.

    First, take (or pick) a picture, the application automatically detects the scrabble board and recognises the letters on it.
    Then, you can enter your letters and get the best solution.
    The solution and the score are displayed on the board.

    You can visualise the intermediate results and validate or modify them.
    Concerning the board detection, you will see 4 colored dots, each of them on a corner of the board. If correct, then validate directly. You can move them if one of them is misplaced.
    Concerning the recognition of the board letters, if needed, you can correct the value of a square.

    The application can be used to cheat at scrabble threw screenshot of your mobile app but it is not the purpose of this app. It has been mainly developed to help you finding the best word in solo mode by giving you some clues. Or it can be used in multiplayer mode with a physical scrabble board with people agreeing to check to best possible solution in certain configuration.

    Screen capture:

    If you use the application with a screenshot, then you don't have to worry about tips to take a good picture.


    The photo is a key element for this app to work well. The board (at least all squares) MUST be inside the picture. It can be not easy to find the good settings to take the photo. Depending on the light and the shining of your board, the flash is preferred or not. It is important that if you see that a significant part of your image is too shiny, maybe you should remove the flash.

    Google playstore link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....jhautot&hl=fr

    For more information you can also have a look at the website:
    scrabboard-solver dot com
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    12-18-2018 10:02 AM

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