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    Hello everyone,

    The Keoli TV team is glad to announce that Keoli TV is now available for UK.

    So, what is keoli TV ?
    Keoli TV is an application that provides access to the entire TV guide for Freeview channel, Sky, … and that from any Android device. Indeed, we have over 400 channels available in the DATA base !!!

    The application is easy to use with a smart UI, has many usefull features, and runs very fast.
    That will be the perfect answer for all of you who get confused with the large number of channels, spending most your time flicking from channel to channel to find something interresting to watch.

    Main features of Keoli TV (v2.1.557):

    - Running TV programs ("now" Tab)
    The +: The TV program progress in time is shown with a progress bar.

    - TV guide for the early evening, 2nd part of the evening and late evening. ("Tonight" Tab)
    The +: With the swipe (Slide to the left) you can have a quick look at the evening planed TV programs.

    - More than 400 TV channels available !
    The +: Customize your list of commercial supplied channels (TNT encrypted, Canal +, Canal Sat, ...)

    Others features :
    - Consult the summary, casting, director of each TV program.
    - Ability to customize your TV listing.
    - Filter programs by genre (Sport, Movie, Magazine ...)
    - Consult the channel's TV programs for 6 days ahead.
    - Interact with facebook and publish your opinion on a TV program on your wall.
    - Ability to move the application on the SD card (Android 2.2)

    It's nice, it's free, it's all yours ;-)



    06-20-2011 04:56 AM