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    My mobile provider (three.co.uk) works with a third party for international calls. In principal, it seems like a great idea. You dial a special number, then you dial in the number you and hit the hash key. The international call goes on your regular minutes. Great.
    But I don't want to have to look up and manually enter the second phone number every time. Maybe, I will be able to copy/paste it, but even so ... seems like a real pain to have to do every time.
    Is there some app which has advance dialling functionalities, so that I could tell it dial number one, then let me choose a contact, run that number, then press hash, etc ..
    Seem like it couldn't be that complicated and there are lots of international services like this.
    Any ideas?
    06-12-2019 02:39 AM
  2. mchassy's Avatar
    I am looking for a dialler which can handle dialling multiple numbers, using codes and using hashes without having to modify the number in my contacts.

    For example:
    I am in the UK, and I have special service to call international using my local minutes.
    In order to do that, I need to
    1. call a special number : 07755 545454
    2. once the call goes through put in the number I want to call : +1 234 567 8999
    3. it may also have to translate the `+` into the appropriate international code like `00` or `01`
    4. hit the `#` key

    I don't want to go and change every international contact I have (and there are a lot), because then what do I do when I am actually in the country?

    I'd like app where I could set up the above. Once setup, I could
    • choose that functionality
    • choose the contact
    • the app would execute the necessary dial in.

    Is there an app which can do this? It couldn't be that hard to build.
    If anyone is interested, I could describe other use cases as well.

    06-12-2019 11:14 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Enter the number as 07755 545454;+1 234 567 8999 (+1 is North America, nothing has to be changed. The + just says that the following numbers are the country code.)

    Set that up as a second number for the contact - when you call the contact, if neither is set as the primary number, you'll be given the choice of numbers to call.

    ; is Wait until OK (a popup pops up asking you if it;s okay to continue. If a 2 second or 4 second wait will always do, use 1 or 3 commas instead (2 seconds for each).

    (And there's no reason to post twice. You can edit your original post - just hit the pencil at the upper right of the post (if you're using a web browser).
    06-12-2019 12:55 PM

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