1. Nikolay Karetnikov's Avatar
    There's an app in GooglePlay that allows for some assets monitoring. It gets locked each 5 minutes unless an activity, for example, a swipe down gesture, is detected. Another downside is that my HTC Desire 601 turns the screen off each 60 minutes (Android 4.4).
    For the latest problem I found "No ScreenOff" app and it works great!
    But the first issue is really annoying.
    Could someone point to an app that imitates a swipe or suggest a way to address the issue?
    06-14-2019 01:52 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    No, this is a battery powered phone, not a mains powered desktop, and the screen is one of the largest power consumers on it, so you normally set the screen timeout to about 60 seconds to save battery. Keeping the screen on burns a lot of battery, and keeping it on with a static (non-moving) screen invites screen burn-in.

    You could set the screen lock time to the maximum, but leave the screen timeout at 30 seconds (60 seconds maximum). If you need a constant display, use something that indicates status, or change in status, on LED lights, so you know when to turn the screen on and look at it. Cellphones aren't designed for constant, screen-on, monitoring. (Use the proper tools for the job - you wouldn't cut steel beams with a screwdriver.)
    06-14-2019 04:44 PM
  3. Nikolay Karetnikov's Avatar
    Thank you for the reply! I feel a bit confused though
    It was mentioned that the screen timeout can easily be overcome with the "No ScreenOff" app. This is not a problem at all! )
    The problem is that the "AssetMonitor" app locks after 5 minutes of no on-screen activity. It locks, but the screen on my phone is on forever (lock occurs only within the app boundaries, the phone itself is not locked). I would need an app that imitates such an activity to keep the "AssetMonitor" app forever.
    Besides, HTC Desire 601 has LDC screen and it does not matter how long a static picture stays on the screen. LCD, as opposed to OLED, will hardly burn out ))))))
    06-15-2019 05:25 AM

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