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    Downlaod from : https://market.android.com/details?i...rminator.trial

    "Terminator" allows you to control your lost or misplaced device remotely by sending an SMS.If you have critical data on your phone this is a must have app.
    Send a single SMS and
    1) Get your contacts to your email.
    2) Get live photographs through camera at regular intervals
    3) Get location of your device.
    4) Get notified on SIM change.
    5) Delete pre-configured accounts remotely ( Facebook , Twitter etc )
    6) Erase all data ( contacts , SMS , MMS , Video , Audio and images ) remotely.
    7) Block incoming and outgoing calls.
    8) Forward incoming SMS to a specified number.
    9) Divert all outgoing calls to a specified number.
    10) Lock your device remotely.
    11) Format SD card remotely.
    12) Let your device make noise.
    13) Get your call logs.
    14)Automatically call a specified number.
    The application is used pre-dominantly in situations when your phone is lost or misplaced or stolen or any such situations when you are away from your phone.

    ****This not just anti-theft application but also privacy protection application***

    What will you do if you forgot your phone at office or friends place or home or some known/unknown location.you don't want anyone to read your mails/sms/photos, receive/make calls...In such situations Terminator comes very handy and completely jams your phone so that only you can access it.
    Terminator is available for a trial period of 7 days.If you like the application you can purchase the paid version by going to the Terminator menu or search "com.sigmacel.terminator" in the android market.

    To execute command on the phone just send the following SMS to your phone
    "term password commandname"
    06-28-2011 11:48 PM