1. kplam's Avatar
    Anybody else notice that images in Dolphin & stock browser appear somewhat blurry and pixelated, particularly on Honeycomb tablets? It appears that these browsers try to fit the page to the screen and end up stretching images out a bit resulting in a soft appearance. I've tested this on my own Web site which uses 900px images and no matter what I can't get Dolphin or the stock browser to render it 1:1 as 900px. Instead the images seem to stretch the entire screen on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (1280px wide). The result is a soft and pixelated images.

    Alternatively, Opera Mobile seems to do a better job at rendering the images. As they do appear 1:1 and look every bit as sharp as how I see it on my desktop monitor.

    I tried disabling 'Fit Web page to screen' in Dolphin's settings but that did not change anything in regards to the image rendering. Is there any way to achieve sharper images in Dolphin on Honeycomb?
    09-13-2011 03:14 AM