1. aliendream's Avatar
    I'm new to android and WhoIsIt looks to be a very powerful solution for what I need to accomplish.

    However, I'm finding the WhoIsIt notifications in the Android Notification Area that appear every time a Profile is activated via a Schedule, somewhat annoying. Is there a way to have a profile activate via a schedule and not have a notification appear?

    As I said, I'm new to Android but I'd image some sort of static status icon next to ones on the right side (ie next to battery indicator) more useful and less annoying, eg an icon that changes colour depending on the profile that is activated. You wouldn't need to dismiss this but you would still see what profile is active. Having standard notifications appear that I have to dismiss/clear is time consuming and distracting. It might be perfect for some but it's not my preference. Choice is a powerful thing.

    Having said that. I'm really enjoying the functionality of this app.
    05-13-2011 09:15 PM