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    I've run across a really odd problem. I have my work pager forwarded to Gmail and use WhoIsIt to alert me to it and some of my more important email contacts. I just installed a new iTunes syncer with which I boneheadedly removed the song I was using as the pager alert (let's say song A) in WhoIsIt (I use Ringo for ringtone management). I got a page and an entirely different song (song X) started playing. I went into WhoIsIt and sure enough, the relevant WhoIsIt contacts were set for song X as a Gmail alert. I switched them out to a different song (song B).

    Now, when I get a page, song B plays. But when I get any other email, song X plays, even though I've now deleted the original mp3 for song X from the phone! Worse yet, Gmail notifications are turned off and the ringtone is set to "silent" in GMail. I've done the usual set of soft and hard resets

    My phone is haunted by a ghost ringtone. Anybody have any idea what happened?

    06-13-2011 12:55 PM
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    Never mind. Solved it almost as soon as I posted. For any other idiots who delete their ringtone mp3s, the answer to the question is preferences>gmail preferences>your gmail addrees> set to "silent."

    Not sure why WhoIsIt switched the default to song X in the first place, but this fixed the problem.
    06-13-2011 01:02 PM