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    Hi All..

    I have a widget, I would like to get out a bit more, its a widget for android developers, to show details of their google merchant account. This does not use the merchant api, so it works for anyone..

    Its reviewing good, there is a basic version, which is free, and a "premium" version which is inexpensive which gives more features..

    The market link is here!!

    Widget information.
    Show the following information in 4 slots on the widget.
    * Last Update - when the widget last updated.
    * Current Balance - current balance under payments
    * Today Purchases - purchases total from payments.
    * Last Payment - last payment amount.
    * Charged - number of charged items in inbox.
    * Not Charged - number of not charged items in inbox.
    * Cancelled - number of cancelled items in inbox.
    * Declined - number of declined items in inbox.
    * Shipped - number of shipped items in inbox.
    * Not Shipped - number of not shipped items in inbox.
    * Inbox Total - total number of items in inbox.
    Advanced version will allow you to view a graph of the changes in the amounts of the above items.
    Screen to show the items you have in the inbox.
    * Only shows the default amount at current time (50).
    * Advanced version, allows you to
    * Archive item.
    * Ship item.
    * View Invoice/Order.
    * Archive All Items.
    * Ship All Items.
    View payments information, shows the default amount (50).
    * Only shows the default amount at current time (50).
    * Advanced version, allows you to
    * View items for that day.

    * Login Details - google login details.
    * Wifi Only - when checked, you will only be able to update over wifi.
    * Update When Wifi Connects.
    * Update Interval, option to update while phone is asleep - Premium Version.
    * Notify Options - Premium Version Only.
    * Notify on the above items.
    * When value changes by an amount. or
    * When value is greater than set amount. or
    * When value is less than set amount.
    * Change the colour of text when notified.
    * Set notification sound.
    * Set Vibration on / off.
    * Set LED Flash, if supported in hardware.
    * Sleep Time - For notifications, turns sound & vibrate off between hours.
    * Widget Style
    * Black
    * Blue
    * Red
    * Green
    * Transparent
    * Outline
    * Text Colour
    * Set the text colour of the above items.
    * Show on widget
    * Which items to show on widget.
    * Show Colour on Summary.

    07-05-2011 02:58 AM