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    So I need some replacement apps. I've been using Live Scores for sports but the widget doesn't update, the game doesn't update and I'm just frustrated with it already along with other users. I'm looking for an app that offers a widget and ability to track favorite teams and of course it has to be reliable.

    Secondly I just got my new Incredible 2 with my front facing camera. I've tried Tango, Qik, and another one I forgot and none of them are really on par. I tried to use a modded Skype apk but it crashes when trying a video chat. Any suggestions?

    Touchdown I use for Exchange (activesync) email but I've had three database corruptions in a few months time and I'm afraid to use it again. Last time I didnt realize it was three days and I had missed many emails. Any suggestions here too? Has anyone tried the built in exchange on the Incredible 2?

    Maybe I shouldn't ask for three apps in one post but let's see what I attract

    any help always appreciated thanks
    07-07-2011 02:36 PM
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    no one?????
    07-07-2011 06:21 PM