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    Hi guys. If you want to find a solution to help you remember all of the to-do list, never miss any important meeting, immediately write, record or even take a photo of anything you just have come up with so that you won’t forget it, this app is totally for you. Today I would like to share a super great app i have just found recently, which is called Owl Note. I have to say this app is more than just a note taking app.

    I have to admit that I am a forgetful person and likely to forget small things like my keys, wallet or what to buy when coming to the grocery. Recently I have thought that I should start the habit of taking note so that I won’t miss anything. I just decided to use the Note app in my phone, but Owl Note is a brand new world to me because it provides with many other awesome features.
    Tips to organise work and life easier with note taking-202071f7d1ea-ca60-4a59-b63c-ed713305833c.png

    One of the most favorite things of this app to me is that it has the security function, that you can create your own password and no one can read your private note when using your phone. With this feature I usually keep my account and password, my bank number account or even something I just wanna keep it for myself. Besides that there are many other features that I have figured out from Owl Note:

    • Convenient colornote notepad notes free shortcut button to create quick notes anywhere, anytime
    • Diversified form of colornote notepad notes, suitable for many different uses
    • Checklist - to do list app.
    • Text note - writing pad.
    • Draw note - take notes in a sketch form.
    • Image note - note as an image.
    • Voice note - take notes as a recording
    • Security feature - Set password for notes, protect your privacy
    • Multiple text formats to help highlight important headlines
    • Filter notes by different categories for easy searching
    • Convenient view mode with many different layouts
    • Many beautiful colors for creating notes
    • Create and classify notes according to different labels.
    • Setting reminder date and time to avoid missing important notes and event

    Overall I think that taking note is really necessary in our modern and busy life, because people have tendency to have more and more things to do and can easily forget anything which is very important. This app will contribute to make our life become easier. Here is the link that you can download:
    09-28-2020 03:25 AM

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