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    Ok, so let me start out by sayin I do use one.. I used Advanced Task Killer (Free) at first and then switched to Apollo Task Killer because of the auto kill option. Both seem to do the same thing and both seem to save me the same amount of battery. But do they?

    This is my question.. Do Task Killers actually do what they are suppose to? If they do, do you have proof? If not, then let me know.

    I had killed some apps the other day and was just messing around on my phone and went to the manage applications in settings. I was looking at the settings of some of the apps I had just killed and on the bottom it said Force Stop and it was a pushable button.

    So, if I could go into my settings and physically Force Stop the application is my task killer doing its job? Are they all like this?

    Just figured I'd get the community's thoughts on this.
    04-22-2010 06:51 PM