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    So, the Samsung Galley app is great. Nice design, easy to tag and untag pictures... However, it uses its own tagging system for which I couldn't find a way to make backups, which means that is something were to happen to my phone, I would have to retag about 9000 pictures.
    Yeah, so I've been looking into XMP tags and I found a "way" to transfer the tags, but I can't find any Android galley app that sees them and is actually usable. "Exif pro" is a mess full of ads (I couldn't even find a way to search for a tag, and all the other Gallery apps that I found and support XMP tags were last updated about 5 years ago and crash every other minute.
    Like, in Windows, all you have to do is search "tag:tag1, tag2" in the File Explorer, but I can't find any Android alternative.
    02-25-2021 11:03 AM

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