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    After school or after studies friendships often drift apart - with no proper reason. Once staying in touch, making plans, or doing something together was a no-brainer. It was easy since you saw your friends on a schedule.

    After you finished your studies or school this schedule is not in place anymore and staying in touch with your close ones will become a chore. Day-to-day life just always gets in the way, right? Intact will help you be the kind of friend you want to be, but can’t achieve to be without some assistance.

    Intact will reintroduce a social schedule into your life. You will be able to
    - keep up distant friendships with ease
    - stay in touch with friends and family members
    - follow up on important dates and show genuine interest
    - track a history of your touchpoints with your friends

    As a side use you can also set up reminders for things you want to do regularly. Maybe it would be a good idea to bring your girlfriend or wife flowers every other month?

    Check this application out, add your first friends and you will stop drifting apart socially!

    Other features:
    - No data is stored in the cloud
    - Everything is stored on your device, your data stays your data
    - No mobile data service is necessary

    Download Intact Personal CRM App
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    08-31-2021 12:12 PM

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