1. Masheen's Avatar
    So I was watching Phil's review of the Droid 3 (which was very good by the way) and one of the things he touched upon was the built in task killer and said "Don't touch this, I know some of you are going to, don't do it" because of the blacklist and auto-kill feature. I wonder if he said it because they are unnecessary or because a majority of Android users don't know how to use it properly...

    I consider myself to be modern day tech-savvy (no expert) and I still have ATK on my Droid X. However, I have my blacklist or Ignore menu set up correctly. I figure the applications that are always running ie: Text messaging, Google Voice, Gmail, Files, Alarm and Timer, Superuser (notice how i didn't mention city id, amazon, kindle, vcast, because none of that crap is on my phone) are useless to try and kill because they just boot back up seconds after killing. Constantly restarting and killing an app is strenuous on your phone and battery is lost because of it.

    Now ignoring killing tasks that your phone constantly runs is a good idea but are Task Killers in their entirety good? Personally I have a compulsion to manually kill a program such as Miren Browser, Angry Birds, or Sound Hound after I'm done using it. Android may do this already. Now Android doesn't do this immediately after exiting the app from what I understand and they are on a kill as need to basis. So manually doing the phone's job would be freeing up memory making it less taxing on the battery. Killing some tasks manually should save battery because after i rooted my phone and changed the path's of the "Bloatware" extensions via Root Explorer when these programs weren't constantly running my phone's battery life was increased tremendously.

    Whether its my own personal obsession or an actual help I can continue my day with less stress knowing that an app I'm currently not using is not running in the background and eating my battery.
    07-14-2011 11:18 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Android has a great built in task killer. There is no need for anything else to be installed to control what runs and what doesn't.

    If something is bothering me just force quit the app or uninstall it.
    07-15-2011 12:10 AM