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    Hi all,

    My wife has the Pixel 4a and a few days ago I updated it to Android 12. Since then her photos weren't backing up to in Google Photos. I looked up the problem in Google and followed the suggestions I found such as clearing cache, clearing data, uninstalling the latest update for the app, removing the account.

    Her old phone, the pixel 3a had the same issue on Android 12 and I got that to work by doing the things I said above. I tried to do the exact same thing on the 4a and it seemed like it was going to work. All the pictures showed up in the app and done new pictures backed up but then they stopped again. I waited a while and they still weren't backing up so I started over but only a few pictures she took yesterday are in there.

    Has anyone else had an issue since updating to Android 12? Or can anyone offer any other suggestions?

    Edit: So I read about deleting zero byte files from the WhatsApp folder and once I started doing that things started moving. The app is backing up her pictures but it's not showing all the pictures that are backed up. Only a few from yesterday and today and done others from random days. If you go into the recently added folder you see everything so it's just on the main screen that isn't displaying the pictures.
    11-07-2021 03:30 AM
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    You've probably already checked this, but is Google Photos set to backup using cell data, with an unlimited daily limit? If you're not on wi-fi (or if you're having intermittent issues with wi-fi), maybe that's why the backups are stopping. (Also, if you're roaming for some reason, make sure Back Up While Roaming is turned on.)
    11-07-2021 01:11 PM
  3. Greatsrj23's Avatar
    Thanks for that. I updated my original post to explain what's going on now. Basically it's not an upload problem anymore. The main page to view the pictures just isn't showing everything. I elaborated a little more in the original post.
    11-07-2021 04:17 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Ok, so she's looking at the main Photos feed, and not the Library, right? Has she scrolled down to see if the photos are chronologically earlier? If she's backing up a lot of photos from the past, then they will probably show up according to the date they were taken, not the date they were backed up.
    11-07-2021 04:23 PM
  5. Greatsrj23's Avatar
    Right, we're talking about the main feed. Pictures I've uploaded are not showing up for her abd the pictures she can see are mostly ones she's taken in the last couple days with some random dates going back a few months. I don't think it's a sorting issue because they're just aren't that many pictures in the main feed.

    I sent back on her old phone, the pixel 3a and wiped the app and started it over and everything worked fine and all pictures show up in the feed. The only difference between the two phones is the 3a doesn't have any WhatsApp folders. So water reading what I read online I feel like the zero byte files were causing it to get hung up in the set up process and things just didn't load right. I don't understand how any of that works so I'm just trying to piece things together. Tomorrow night I'll try to start over but I'll going to delete all the WhatsApp folders first.
    11-08-2021 01:07 AM
  6. Greatsrj23's Avatar
    Checkout the library section.
    For what exactly? I went there to delete the what's app folders and after I did that more pictures loaded on the main screen but still not everything. Now the app just seems to be very slow. New pictures taken on the phone take a long time to show up. The library takes forever to load the folders in there. I want to just delete all the folders that are not backing up because I feel like something is causing the app to get stuck. I just haven't had a chance the last couple days.
    11-10-2021 07:04 AM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Does the same thing happen in Safe Mode?
    11-10-2021 12:48 PM

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