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    I've got an Incredible on order and I'm exciting to be jumping ship from WinMo to Android finally. I've been waiting a while for the right phone (and my contract). I've found a bunch of great stuff on this site and others but the one thing I can't find is a good replacement app for DDH Software's Handbase (DDH Software - HanDBase Database Manager for Palm OS, Windows Mobile Classic, Standard and Professional, Symbian S60, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone iPod touch and iPad (Coming Soon)). It's a database software package that can do a lot but I only use it for a pretty simple database that I created. I really need something as I use it track information on a daily basis for a medical condition. DDH is apparently going to be creating an Adnroid version but they aren't saying when it will be ready and I'm going to need something this week!

    The db I use only has:
    date (current date inserted when record created)
    time (current date inserted when record created)
    5 "drop down" box fields with preset responses (varying from 5 items to 10 in a custom order)
    and a short "notes" field.

    I've got just over 2500 records now but the records are obviously quite small. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    04-26-2010 04:29 PM
  2. jeffro77's Avatar
    I'd be curious if anybody could recommend a good alternative as well. I've been using HanDBase for almost 10 years (originally on the Palm platform), and my whole life - household inventory, passwords, software keys, identification numbers, the whole of it - is stored in the damned thing. It's easy enough to export all that data to CSV or some other format - but what's the point if there's not a good a app into which to import it?

    06-18-2010 03:38 PM
  3. tromba's Avatar
    I've been looking at database apps since I got my Evo about a week ago. There's an app called Database that seems ok, but it's NOT compatible with the Evo (build for some other phone with a hardware button or something -- I'm new to Android also)

    You might look at Memento -- that does a fair job for me, but if I try too large of a file it crashes (>5,000 records).

    SQroid also seems OK, but it appears that simple searches have to be saved queries. The main info I want is my CD Collection and I could do a search for any composer and having all these queries set up seems a bit cumbersome to me.

    One called R-DB I never got very far with. Can't say much.

    Word on the street is that HanDBase is working on an Android version. That would certainly be good news.
    06-18-2010 09:06 PM
  4. jeffro77's Avatar
    I found Rhythm Soft's Password Safe ( Password Safe Help ); the pro version does import / export by way of csv.

    It leaves a LOT to be desired, but by exporting all my DBs to csv and adding a category field in the 2nd column, I was able to get all of my data imported. The single biggest unfortunate thing about this solution is that all of my databases are now contained in a single flat file.

    I hope DDH comes through with an Android-native HanDBase; it would make me a happy camper, indeed!
    06-20-2010 02:16 PM
  5. z0phi3l's Avatar
    Try Documents to Go
    They have a free and paid version, from using it back when I had a BB it was nice for a free app, never needed the extra features the paid version has

    Documents To Go 2.0 Main App - Android app on AppBrain
    06-20-2010 02:57 PM
  6. jeffro77's Avatar
    DDH has finally released HanDBase for Android! Let the rejoicing ensue!
    10-27-2010 10:01 AM