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    IntelliVocab, Top Education app in the Apple Store, now hits the Android Marketplace:

    How it works:
    IntelliVocab personalizes the English vocabulary learning for competitive exams like SAT, GRE and GMAT. This app is built by students of MIT based on the latest research from MIT Computer Science and Web Semantics Lab.
    The app uses latest machine learning algorithms and web semantic techniques to collapse billions of possibilities into comprehensible probabilistic profile information, in real-time.
    It completely controls the learning environment, so that you do not have to plan your learning approach. All you need to do is interact.
    The more you practice, the more it learns about you and figures out words that are difficult for you. It ensures you achieve the top score competitive exams.
    The app focuses on vocabulary words and offers training in both the way these words are written and the way they sound.
    There is a progress report available that shows how well users have done in these tests and how many questions they answered correctly.

    > 600+ words ( common words from competitive exams )
    > Intelligent algorithm to customize the learning experience.
    > Key aspect of the app is the practice session.
    > Words in practice session are customized based on your expertise level, and your comfort level with the words.
    > 2 parameters are used to profile users. Expert Level of the user and Commitment level of the user. Expert Level determined based on the interactions with the words. Commitment Level determined based on the interactions with the iPhone App/AI engine.

    Download IntelliVocab here
    07-18-2011 10:18 AM
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    Looks so great! I need it!
    07-19-2011 03:22 AM