1. theoilman's Avatar
    there's really only 1 thing lacking from android that stops me from throwing away my PC: lack of a good office suite. Android does everything I like for fun- web surfing, video, music, books etc. I just wish it did what I need for work. All I need is to be able to graph spreadsheets and make powerpoints. Doesn't sound like a lot, but there seems to be no apps that can do these two simple things well. Docs to go is the best I've found so far, but it can't make graphs or charts from spreadsheets. And while it does a good job of viewing premade powerpoints, it can't make one de novo well enough to make it usable.

    Does anyone know of any good graph and chart or power points apps I might not be aware of? I need to be able to make line and bar graphs with error bars and, I hope it's not asking too much, trend lines and R squared functions, and I need to be able to make powerpoints that I can paste pictures and graphs into. Are there any apps like this out there or am I doomed to sticking with windows? I'd much rather just bring a tablet to work every day and get a bluetooth keyboard.
    07-18-2011 08:41 PM
  2. yodatom10's Avatar
    Docs to go.
    07-18-2011 08:44 PM
  3. theoilman's Avatar
    well like I said in the 1st post, docs to go really doesn't cut it for me. mostly I need to be able to make graphs, and docs to go can't do this. are there any good graphing apps? preferably that can make graphs from spreadsheets?
    07-19-2011 09:18 PM
  4. Brucewl's Avatar
    beside docs to go, and there is Quickoffice Pro, if they can not satisfy you, I sugget you to do it with Offfice 2010.
    07-20-2011 12:57 AM