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    I posted this in the Samsung Infuse specific forum, but it may be more appropriate here:

    I have the Audible app and it works great except that if i close it down it logs me out. I have to sign back in to use it again. This didn't happen with my Captivate, nor does it occur with my Galaxy Tab. It's not a big deal, just a hassle. I emailed Audible, and followed their instructions, which was pretty much: uninstall-delete the audible folder to totally remove all remnants of the app-reinstall.... still does the same thing.
    Also, when I buy a title from Audible, the title will not show up for download on the Infuse(after a library refresh), but it would on the Captivate and it does still on the Galaxy Tab. No computer needed, as I can download straight to the device. But not with the Infuse. Just won't show up. Followed the Audible trouble shooting for that issue as well, but no luck.
    Is there some issue or setting on the phone that I have caused that may be preventing this app from working properly?
    Facebook, Pandora, Twitter, etc all "remember" that I didn't choose to log out. Only seem to have this issue with Audible.
    Thanks for any assistance, and, for the record, I did do a forum search for Audible to see if this issue has been answered, and didn't see it.
    07-19-2011 10:15 AM