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    Is there anyway to make an Android app autofill a password that is stored in Google Password Manager, even Android does not recognise what is on screen?

    I have a side loaded business app that has username and password saved in Google Password Manager, but possibly because the URL is different to the Android App the password is not being suggested. Can G Board have a button that brings up a list of saved passwords to choose from, or does the Android App need to be updated to be smarter about letting Android know that there might be a password available?

    I have already turned on all the password syncing and security options to allow password syncing.
    08-03-2022 07:41 AM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar
    Welcome to AC!

    Which device you have?

    What site did you side load the app?

    If you go to settings in the top search bar type autofill and will take you to it's settings.

    Keyboard doesn't allow for password storing

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    08-04-2022 12:05 AM

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