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    Prox makes use of the phone's proximity sensor and accelerometer to initiate an action. Prox figures out what orientation you are holding the phone and then activates that action when you swipe your hand across the proximity sensor. Prox Lite has 4 actions:

    *Flat - Emulate home button
    *Toward - Expand and contract notification panel
    *Left - Launch phone dialer
    *Right - Launch browser (google.com)

    All you have to do is turn on the service through the app and then tilt the phone in the direction you are trying to activate the action for and then pass your hand over the proximity sensor and it will activate the action for that direction.

    You can amaze your friends, and feel like a Jedi. Imagine the look on your friend's faces when you do things without even touching the phone itself. Just to ease your mind, Prox is disabled when the screen is off and when you are in a call. Normal proximity sensor usage is preserved during these situations to you don't have to worry about Prox doing things when you don't want it to

    Here are some videos of it in action (Pro version) if the description I have provided doesn't really make any sense :P Be sure to follow me on Twitter: @SemperGumbee for updates and support.

    And here is the link to the Android Market

    Download Prox Lite

    P.S. Some users are having trouble with making this work properly. If you are having issues with the left and right actions, try just a slight tilt and then a swipe. Refer to the video for an example of this. Also, different phones have different proximity sensors and some of them just happen to work better than others. Give it a try to see what you think and don't forget to leave a rating in the market. I hope you enjoy this app
    07-24-2011 08:11 PM

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