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    I recently made the switch from Handcent to GoSMS Pro. I noticed today that GoSMS Pro will not send text messages to one of my contacts that does not have a text messaging service.
    We're both on T-mobile and before I got my android (HTC Sensation 4G) he was able to send me txt messages from his email to my phone but I could not send a reply because the address was some 4 digit number that always changed.
    Then I got this HTC and quickly dumped the default messager with Handcent and to my surprise was able to reply to his texts.
    Now, I've installed GoSMS and when I reply to his texts I get a "send failure notification". If I open Handcent and tap the failed message and Resend it goes through.

    So is this a special feature of Handcent to be able to reply to messages originating from an email address?
    07-27-2011 12:56 PM