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    Easy to use scientific calculator with all the desired functions, some of which include:
    Trigonometric functions
    Scientific notation
    Random numbers generation
    Basic arithmetics calculations
    ...and many more

    Drag your results effortlessly in the memories and use them with just one click.

    The simplest and most complete calculator on the market. Use your memories of mem calc!

    Finally a calculator uses all the power at the disposition of your Android terminal! Far from copying a traditional calculator and putting it on your phone, MemCalc provides you with an interface that enables you to interact with the memory system in a more intuitive way.

    It stands out from the rest as they are devices devised for humans that have evolved from their first conception right until the newly manufactured devices of today. The first car resembled astonishingly a horse and cart, due to the fact that that was their idea of transport on wheels at the time. The first films at the cinema were limited to placing a camera recording in front of a theatre. The ability to see the power of cinema as something that has broken away from the theatre requires a certain amount of imagination.. In the same way, MemCalc is not limited to just copying previous models of standard calculators, and is far beyond that.

    Dont Wait until all the Android Calculators incorporate dragable memories. Download MemCalc now and make the most of this new model, and others coming soon.

    07-28-2011 08:49 AM

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