1. hchavarria's Avatar
    Hello, I am looking for a good checkbook app preferably that can sync with other android devices. I recently moved (again) from an iPhone to Evo 3D this time around and now need a check book app to help me manage my finances. I'm looking for something that can help me reconcile my account, add entries, and possibly sync with my wife.

    In addition, I am looking for a fitness app to help me setup my routines and provide guidance on free weights. I had a pretty good app on my iPhone called All Fitness which showed videos of the excersice in case you didn't know how to do it and allowed you to build your routines with sets and reps and also allowed you to enter your progress as well as demonstrated an estimate calories burned. I have tried JFit but not sure I like the cartoon demonstrations.
    07-28-2011 10:14 PM